Many forget that Jordan is part of the Holy Land, as this picture of Christ’s baptism site will attest. We wrongly assume all Arabs are Muslims. This is part of the problem. North Americans tend to stereotype people from the Middle East. The Church is very old in Jordan. In fact the oldest discovered church is in Jordan. Christians have managed to live side by side with their Moslem counterparts for many years. Sad for some, many have found it necessary to move to North America where there is a greater degree of religious tolerance. Some of the people who move to Canada are wrongly assumed to be Muslim when they could be Marionite, Coptic Christian, etc. We need to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East. This is the cradle of Christianity. Could it be a revival will take place before Christ comes back? He is coming back for a beautiful bride without spot or wrinkle. While dwindling numbers wise, the church in the Middle East is beautiful, strong and remaining firm in her faith. Support Gospel work in the middle East and while helping the Jews remember Palestinians in need as well. This ministry does not discriminate against people because of religion, creed or ethnicity. All of God’s people are equal and because Jews are first it does not mean they are superior. They are first to show God’s love and blessings. They are doing that with many modern inventions, scientific and medical breakthroughs that benefit all of humankind. Israel wants to live at peace with her Arab neighbors. Perhaps the Church can be the conciliator to bring healing and understanding as we wait for the Prince of Peace.